Quality Toolkit for Care Homes

Care at Home Principles

The toolkit below compiles the latest best practice guidance from local and national bodies including CQC, NICE and NHS England. The toolkit provides guidance to support care homes, both learning disability and over 65 years to support service users to maximising their self care attributes and support carers to provide quality care.

The toolkit currently aims to provide guidance that supports self care and homely remedy principles, the use of PRN and covert medicine values to promote safe administration, Respect and death verification.

It is envisaged that the tool kit will evolve and include other best practice quality principles to support health & social care staff provide effective and safe care provision for their residents.

To open the toolkit please click on the sections below:

Quality Toolkit – Forward

Quality Toolkit – Part 1 Good practice guidance for Care Homes: Self Care & Homely Remedies

Quality Toolkit – Part 2 Good practice guidance for Care Homes: ‘When required’ Medicines

Quality Toolkit – Part 3 Good practice guidance for Care Homes: Covert Medicines