Quality Improvement Newsletter

Please find below the newly launched Quality Improvement Newsletter which will focus on quality as the driving factor for change, using up to date clinical evidence to drive and sustain change in the delivery of high-quality individualised care. The aim is to develop and share a bi-monthly Quality Improvement Newsletter for each quality improvement drive and will be shared as a whole system approach across care providers and organisational partners.

The first area of focus is covert medication administration with links to the DCCG Toolkit and short video from the DCCG Medicine Management Lead.  Examples of other areas of focus include but are not limited to oral health, PRN Medication Administration, Mental Capacity Assessments and many more.

To find out more or ask questions about the newsletter please contact Tracey Thomas, Lead Nurse Individual Placement Quality DCCG Tracey.thomas12@nhs.net or DMBC Contract Monitoring Team contracts.adults@doncaster.gov.uk.


Quality Improvement Newsletter Vol.1 July 2021

Quality Improvement Newsletter Vol.2 August 2021