Living Well

Every three months, our Governing Body review the progress made across health and care services for people aged between 18 and 65 in Doncaster. Services supporting the majority of people in Doncaster sit within the ‘Living Well’ life stage.

A patient story is developed to highlight how changes are having an impact on patients and members of the public in Doncaster. In date order, the patient experience and engagement stories can be found below.

November 2020

Governing Body were presented with an overview of Debbie’s experience of accessing out of hours health and care services in Doncaster.

View the presentation here

Watch the video below

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August 2020 – Experience of a patient having a planned review at a local practice during the Coronavirus pandemic

Annual Planned Health Review – Primary Care – presentation

Jon’s story – video

June 2020 – Experiences of patients living with a health condition during the Coronavirus pandemic

Patient living with Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia during Coronavirus

Patient living with Kleine Levin Syndrome during Coronavirus

February 2020

Access to Primary Care services – presentation

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October 2019

Due to sickness and unforeseen circumstances, the patient could not join us – this story was deferred until the next Mental Health update

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July 2019

First2Physio Triage service – accessing a new primary care service – presentation

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