Health and care professionals – primary care

In Doncaster, there’s a range of health and care professionals working across primary care that can provide help, information, advice and ensure you receive the care you need.

Whether you see a GP, nurse, practice nurse, advanced nurse practitioner, clinical pharmacist or health care assistant, you will always receive the care you need, from the most appropriate person.

To ensure you see the most appropriate health and care professional for your health and care needs, your local practice reception staff will ask you a series of questions to determine who you will see.

Our reception staff are trained primary care navigators. They are not being nosey, they are simply finding out more about what your query or issue is so you can have an appointment with the most appropriate individual. This could be your local pharmacist, a health care assistant, a practice nurse, advanced nurse practitioner, clinical practitioner or your GP.

As part of our Primary Care campaign in Doncaster, we want to ensure that everyone is aware of who works in primary care and what they do.

You will see a range of communications and messages across Doncaster, including a dedicated Care Navigation campaign, set to bust myths about what care navigators are and what they do.

Our campaign is about getting you to see the right person, first time.