Care Navigators

Have you ever wondered why reception staff at your local practice in Doncaster ask you why you need to see your GP or nurse? Have you called your local practice and been asked what your medical complaint or issue is?

You may think it’s the reception staff being nosey – it’s far from it.

In Doncaster, most reception staff are trained care navigators and will help ensure you receive the right care by the most appropriate person.

Not every patient needs to see their GP or nurse. Some patients may be best suited to see a Clinical Practitioner or a Clinical Pharmacist – all professionally trained and qualified to provide the same high quality standards of care.

Please don’t be alarmed if they suggest an appointment with a different health and care professional to what you are thinking or would expect to see. If the care navigator suggests an appointment with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) or a Practice Nurse – it’s because they can provide the treatment you need. ANPs can refer you for onward tests or treatment – they are skilled and clinically trained to do much more than what you might think.

Sometimes, the most appropriate person you need to see might be a pharmacist – so you may need to make a trip to your local pharmacy. Pharmacists are also highly trained, skilled and professional people that can provide information, support and suggest treatments for many minor conditions.

So please don’t think your local practice receptionist is being nosey – they are there to get you to the right person, as quickly as possible.

Doing this not only ensures you receive a better service from your local practice, it also means there are potentially more appointments for people that need to see a GP, ANP or nurse.

Finally, it is really important that staff are treated in the same way you would like to be treat yourself – please listen to what our care navigators have to say; they’re doing this to ensure you receive a quality service, saving you and others time.

You can watch a short video below which includes important messages from two of our care navigators in Doncaster: