Primary care

In Doncaster, a wide range of primary care services exist, to help keep people fit and healthy. These include pharmacies, local practice, Doncaster Same Day Health Centre, the GP out of hour’s service and community nurses. So whatever issue or complaint people have, there is always a service that can provide the right information, support, advice and treatment.

Like other areas across the country, many people continue to use the emergency department unnecessarily because they don’t always know where to go for help. Some of these reasons include lack of awareness of what services exist and the perception of attending the emergency department being a quicker alternative.

The views of thousands of patients and members of the public have been gathered to find out what they think about health and care services in Doncaster – and an overwhelming majority say they struggle to get an appointment with their local practice and find it difficult to contact their local practice to make an appointment.

With this in mind, a new campaign has been launched to address misconceptions, making it easier and quicker to understand what services are available and how they can be accessed.

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