100 day challenge

During 2018 Doncaster were engaged in the National Wave 3 ‘100 Day Challenge Programme’. This involved Health and Care partners across Doncaster working together to implement a rapid testing programme focusing on Urology, ENT and Cardiology Specialties.

In light of the significant progress of these teams in effectively applying the 100 Day Methodology to achieve service improvements we have since made a successful bid to participate in a similar Programme to be implemented in six Northern Health Systems.

This means that supported by Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit and NHS England we worked together as a health system, and with the other Northern sites, to implement a rapid testing programme to improve the experiences of patients while addressing the rising levels of demand in:

A day 50 event was held in February 2019 and a short summary video is available:

An overview of the 100 day challenge took place in March. A short video below summarises some of the successes: