Access to Infertility Treatment

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Access to Infertility Treatment V11 Policy last updated: February 2020

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in the Yorkshire and Humber are working together to support people who are experiencing infertility to access specialist interventions to help them conceive.

A joint commissioning policy was developed in partnership with the Yorkshire and Humber Expert Fertility Panel (a panel predominantly made up of clinicians and fertility experts). Recently CCGs across the Yorkshire and the Humber agreed to work together again to update this policy in light of new guidance and other policy changes.

The shared policy sets out who is eligible for specialist fertility services.

The updated policy contains some change:

Previously, based on the NHS Regulations 2015, the eligibility criteria stated that if one member of a couple is not an ordinary UK resident and covered by an NHS surcharge arrangement, then that couple will not be eligible for secondary care in fertility investigations or for NHS funded assisted conception.

In October 2019 there was a national update issued that said ‘ Any services required by the ordinarily resident person will continue to be freely available’. As a result we have amended our Access to infertility treatment policy V11 to ensure that where two people are seeking assisted conception services with NHS funding, and one of the two people is covered by health surcharge arrangements and the other is an ordinary resident in the UK they will not be subject to charge.