Doncaster Place Plan refresh 2019-22

Over the last few years, much has changed across the national health and care landscape. Rising demand, fewer resources and an ageing population means that we need to work much more closely together.

In line with the NHS Long Term Plan, Doncaster health and care services are moving towards a focus on people as opposed to services. This means that instead of looking at where care is delivered, we are now thinking about local communities and their needs. 

Doncaster’s first Place Plan was published in December 2016, highlighting how health and care services would develop and change over the next five years. The time has now come to update the plan and change the way we work and think to address the issue of rising demand and fewer resources to work with, but at the same time, improve and future proof our services so people can lead healthy lives.

The refreshed Place Plan has the same vision and partnership working commitments at its core. It highlights how services will continue to work together to ensure seamless, coordinated services for the people of Doncaster.

To support delivery of the Place Plan, Doncaster’s first ever joint health and social care commissioning strategy was published earlier this year. Aligned with the NHS Long Term Plan, it sets the direction of travel for priorities up until 2021, reducing duplication and making best use of local resources. It also highlights how we will change the way we work and think in the future.

The Place Plan refresh is based on a four layered model, focussing on:

  • Supporting communities to thrive, working much more closely with the voluntary, community and faith sector, investing in social prescribing to improve health and emotional wellbeing
  • Developing a ‘front door system’, where there is no wrong door to access health and care services. This will help get people to the right place, first time
  • Joining up care and support at home. We know many people can recover quickly and easily if they are supported at home
  • All of this will help ensure our specialist services can be used more appropriately, across all three life stages – reducing the demand and need for hospital and emergency care.

What does this mean for me?

Over the last 12 months, staff across health and care organisations in Doncaster have been testing new ways of working to make better use of their time and resources, for the benefit of you, our patients and members of the public.

See how a new way of working as part of our integrated working approach is improving processes, procedures and helping to save time, all for the benefits of patients and members of the public:

And Doncaster’s Rapid Response service is also an example to show how a number of organisations are working closely together to reduce admissions to hospital following a fall at home:

A commitment to making better use of technology

Also included in the Place Plan refresh is a commitment to making better use of technology to further join health and social care services together.

A brand new health and care Digital Strategy will follow in the coming months to maximise use of the Integrated Doncaster Care Record, increasing the number of health and care professionals that will have access to multi organisational patient records at their fingertips.

This will ultimately mean that staff can provide a more efficient, joined up service for you.

Patients and members of the public will continue to remain at the centre of everything we do. A series of delivery plans will be available in the coming months, co-produced with staff, patients and members of the public.