Information for Carers

1 in 10 people are unpaid carers, providing vital support and care for a loved one, family member, friend or neighbour. Without carers, normal life would be impossible for many people.

Young carers are people providing this care who are aged under 18. Life can be incredibly tough for anyone providing care and there is help to support you. Please make sure if you are a young carer you tell your school and your GP as they need to know this so they can make sure you receive all the help available to you. You might also find this guide helpful.

If you are a carer aged over 18, please do make sure you inform your GP and primary care practice. Carers are absolutely vital and we need you to tell us if this is something you do.

Read the article from Dr David Crichton, Chair of the CCG about the vital importance of carers for Carers Week here

You can find the latest coronavirus information for carers from Carers UK here

We have lots of information which includes the support available for carers in Doncaster on our main carers web page here

Free online computer course
It may be useful to be aware that you can access a free online computer course to learn basic computer skills which could help if you are new to remote working/contact with family and friends. You may simply wish to learn new skills and already have access to a computer or ability to use the internet. To access the course, a referral can be made through Doncaster Council’s online form.

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