Coronavirus test: Whole Care Home and Residential Home testing

Whole setting COVID-19 tests with no symptomatic residents or patients.

Whole care home tests in Care and Residential Homes with no symptomatic residents or staff (COVID-19 FREE CARE HOMES) will be organised via the Public Health Team at Doncaster Council.

Whole care home testing will be done in COVID-19 FREE care homes through Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) testing system via request of Director of Public Health.

The Director of Public Health will work closely with Director of Adult Social Care to agree on the list of care homes to be submitted to DHSC for testing.

Re-testing of COVID-19 FREE care homes shall be carried out as per national schedule by DHSC.

Re-testing of whole care homes (staff and residents) where there has been positive case(s) identified shall be done via the local lab system.