Coronavirus test: Resident testing in Care Homes and Residential Homes

If a resident displays signs or symptoms of COVID-19, the Residential Home should contact Michelle Ross at NHS Doncaster CCG by telephone, 01302 01302 566501 or by email

During the call or by email, you will need to provide details on the number of symptomatic residents and the number of a-symptomatic residents and staff

Tests will be provided that can be returned to the local laboratory for testing; all symptomatic and a-symptomatic residents and staff members should be tested via DBTH to ensure a timely response

The Care/Residential Home should inform Public Health England that they have a staff or resident that has signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and that they are being tested through their care setting via the local process at Doncaster Royal Infirmary

A positive result will mean that the staff member or resident will need to isolate in line with current guidelines. It also means that members of the same household will also need to self-isolate, in line with national guidelines

The staff member can return to work following the isolation guidelines (this must be strictly adhered to) and when they are well enough

The positive result will be followed up through the test and trace national process

If there is a positive result from an a-symptomatic staff member or resident they should isolate in line with national guidance; household members that also reside with the a-symptomatic staff member or resident will also need to self-isolate as per the national guidance

Tests should be carried out every 5 days on a-symptomatic staff and residents who tested negative for COVID-19 until there are no new positive cases identified after 2 rounds of tests.