World Cancer Day, ‘I Am and I Will’ – Dr David Crichton

‘I Am and I Will’ is this year’s theme for World Cancer day on the 4th February, it’s all about you and your commitment to act.

Worldwide 10 million people sadly die of cancer every year, Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death and at least one third of common cancer deaths are preventable and if detected early enough survivable.

As we continue to support one another by following the rules throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important that we remember to take care of ourselves for other illnesses, by being aware and reaching out to healthcare services if we need them.

Detecting cancer early is one of the ways we can help to save lives. Familiarising yourself with the signs and symptoms of Cancer will ensure you have the understanding of when to seek medical advice.

If you are called for cancer screening it is important that you attend. Cervical, breast and bowel cancer screening can detect the disease in the early stages and as a result, treatment is often more straight forward and can save lives. Our screening clinics and employees are all compliant with Covid-19 safety regulations and PPE so you can rest assured when attending your appointment.

It’s important that we take notice of any changes in our health, not just in relation to cancer but all conditions. As individuals it’s essential that we take care and seek help sooner rather than putting things off, not just in ourselves but also in others.

I understand there has been increased anxiety with regards to seeking help, especially throughout the pandemic lockdown, we have seen less cancers diagnosed as a result. I must stress that we are here to help you, your health and wellbeing is very important to us.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic there have also been many changes in how health care is delivered, but rest assured whatever your health complaint, we have a service available to support you.

If you need healthcare advice, please always call your local practice first. If they are full and you need to be seen the same day, there are alternative health services available including the Same Day Health Centre, GP Out of Hours, late night pharmacies.

Don’t forget, you can also call NHS 111 for advice 24 hours a day and use their online symptom checker for immediate advice.

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Online resources:

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