What’s important to you?

Patient-and-walking-frameWe’re asking Doncaster people what would be important if you, or a loved one, had a stroke.

NHS Doncaster CCG is working in partnership with hospitals across South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire to look at how care is offered if somebody has a stroke.

We’re not sure how any changes would take place yet, it’s very much in its infancy and we want to involve you in shaping any proposals.

We’ve put together a short presentation which gives some background to the proposals here. It explains why we need to make changes by working together with consultants, doctors and healthcare workers across a wider geographical footprint than just Doncaster.

Your feedback will be used to help shape the options for a formal public consultation about stroke services which is due to start at the end of May 2016. We’ll be clear in the consultation how your voice has influenced the plans.

Share your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

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