Weekend Dressings

The Doncaster Same Day Health Centre is now the key provider for routine wound care on a weekend (including bank holidays) when general practice is closed.  Please note, all patients are required to attend with dressings and care plans identifying the required treatment and dressing.

All referrals need to be made on 0300 123 3103.

Referral Criteria:

  • Acute Wounds that require daily follow up
  • Post-operative suture removal
  • Post-operative wound check
  • Burns/scalds that require daily follow up
  • Cchronic wound management up to 2 layers – should a dressing fall off or become dirty for non-houseboun patients

Please do not refer patients who are:

  •  Not registered with a GP in Doncaster CCG locality
  •  Chronic Wound Management
  • House bound
  • Undergoing or requiring Vac Therapy patients
  • Undergoing or requiring Larvae Therapy
  • Doppler patients
  • Leg Ulcers that require specialist dressing – over 2 layers

For more complex requirements, as listed above, should they be required daily over a weekend these would need to be referred to the Single Point of Access (01302 566999).

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