Weekend dressings at Doncaster Same Day Health Centre

From 12 December 2015, the Doncaster Same Day Health Centre will become the key weekend provider for routine care for patients who require daily interventions in a primary care setting when their own GP surgery is closed.  This includes daily dressings or daily injections for patients who are able to travel to the centre.

Patients can access this service via a direct referral from their GP or Nurse Practitioner.  Practices can refer via telephone either through booking a series of appointments for their patients at a weekend (if you know treatment is going to take a number of weeks) or initiate the first booking, by calling the Centre’s number on 0300 123 3103 with the patient agreeing on-going appointments at the weekend directly with the Doncaster Same Day Health Centre.

Alternatively patients can contact the Doncaster Same Day Health Centre directly on the number above to book the appointment as instructed by their clinician.

Patients will need to be able to present to the Doncaster Same Day Health Centre with the appropriate dressings and care plan from their GP/ANP so that continuity of care can be maintained.

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