Watch our new self-care film

A new campaign has been launched to help increase self-care and reduce prescribing in Doncaster.

We want people to consider purchasing an over-the-counter medication for minor illnesses.

The short film below explains this in more detail, please click ‘Play’ to find out more.

Dr Jeremy Bradley, Prescribing Lead, NHS Doncaster CCG

Self-care is extremely important to a person’s health and wellbeing as it supports individuals to have control over their health, ultimately helping to improve their quality of life. Medicine for self-care is a central part of this approach, and many GP practices already encourage patients to take a personalised approach to keeping themselves healthy, including getting advice from the local community pharmacy.

Doncaster’s ‘Choose self-care’ campaign follows guidance from NHS England to stop routinely prescribing over the counter medicines for 35 common conditions, such as sore throats, mild cystitis, head lice and mild acne.

Many treatments for minor illnesses are more expensive when they are provided on an NHS prescription compared to the purchase price from pharmacies and supermarkets.

We are encouraging members of the public and patients to choose self care to help us reduce costs and provide better access to primary care.

We advise people to speak to their local pharmacist for further information and advice.


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