Time to reset your health for a healthier future

Public Health England has launched a major new adult health campaign to seize the opportunity for a national reset moment of health.

Nearly two thirds (63%) of adults in the UK are overweight or living with obesity. Gaining weight is often a gradual process that takes place over a number of years and modern life doesn’t always make it easy. But this extra weight causes pressure to build up around vital organs, making it harder for the body to fight
against diseases like cancer, heart disease and now COVID-19.

By reducing your weight within a healthy range, you can cut your risk of being critically ill with COVID-19 and the risk of other serious health conditions. During the pandemic, many people have incorporated healthy habits and exercise into their daily routine. It does not have to be complicated, but being more aware of the food you eat and the exercise you take can have a big impact on your health.

Walking, being more active and eating healthy food is really important for our mental as well as our physical well-being.  To support people to live healthier lives, Public Health England’s Better Health campaign will provide a variety of tools and apps to help you make healthier food choices, become more active and prevent future weight gain. One of these tools is a Weight Loss Plan app, which provides 12 weeks’ worth of engaging content that can be personalised and tailored to the goals and needs of the individual.

Later down the line, support will also be made available to help people quit smoking, cut down their drinking and look after their mental health.

For help and support to lose weight, visit the website here

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