Team Doncaster Covid-19 Response

Team Doncaster have been continuously planning a framework for our response to localised outbreaks of COVID-19 in Doncaster and an outline of our response to regional and national systems and guidance.

Team Doncaster’s COVID-19 outbreak management plans are centred around 7 themes:

  1. Planning for local outbreaks in care homes and schools (e.g. defining monitoring arrangements, identifying potential scenarios and planning the required response)
  2. Identifying and planning how to manage other high-risk places, locations and communities of interest including sheltered housing, dormitories for migrant workers, transport access points (e.g. ports, airports), detained settings, rough sleepers (e.g. defining preventative measures and outbreak management strategies)
  3. Identifying methods for local testing to ensure a swift response that is accessible to the entire population. This could include delivering tests to isolated individuals, establishing local pop-up sites or hosting mobile testing units at high-risk locations (e.g. defining how to prioritise and manage deployment)
  4. Assessing local and regional contact tracing and infection control capability in complex settings (e.g. Tier 1b) and the need for mutual aid (e.g. identifying specific local complex communities of interest and settings, developing assumptions to estimate demand, developing options to scale capacity if needed)
  5. Integrating national and local data and scenario planning through the Joint Biosecurity Centre Playbook (e.g. data management planning including data security, data requirements including NHS linkages)
  6. Supporting vulnerable local people to get help to self-isolate (e.g. encouraging neighbours to offer support, identifying relevant community groups, planning how to co-ordinate and deploy) and ensuring services meet the needs of diverse communities
  7. Establishing governance structures led by existing COVID-19 Health Protections Boards and supported by existing Gold command forums and a new member-led Board to communicate with the general public.

For more information about the Team Doncaster Covid-19 response please visit the Doncaster Council website.