Talking Points: Waste Medicines

TALKINGPOINTS-2A newly launched survey from the CCG is aiming to find out about issues and contributing factors surrounding waste medicines.

We want to find out how we can improve our prescription services and also empower people to show the ‘red card’ to waste medicines by telling their GP practice or pharmacist that they are being prescribed more than they need.

Waste medicines are those prescription tablets that sometimes go unused and stockpiled in your home. Whether it’s because you’ve been prescribed too much, or simply no longer need the repeat order, we want to know why so many medicines go unused and how we can stop this from happening in the future.

The Department of Health calculates unused medicines cost the NHS, nationally, around £300 million each year. On average, the NHS in Doncaster spends £40,000 a week on medicines that are not needed by patients simply because they have as much as they need at home.

So let us know how we can improve: do you have a stockpile of medicines? Would you feel awkward about telling your GP or pharmacist you’re being prescribed than you need because you think your prescriptions may stop as a result? How can we improve this service?

Together we can save the NHS in Doncaster almost £2 million a year, without affecting patient care. Please take the survey here: 

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