Talking Points: Caring for Carers

talkingpointsThere are over 33,000 carers living in Doncaster. Caring for those in need is a major contribution towards health and social care in the borough, and without the help of these compassionate people, services would struggle to deliver the same level of care currently provided.

Without help and support, carers can find themselves struggling with physical and emotional demands, trying to balance their own wellbeing with the needs of those they care for.

Working together, NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group and Doncaster Council want to understand how they can better support carers in the borough, allowing them to do what they do best – care.

The questionnaire, which is just three questions, can be answered by everyone in the town. Your ideas and experiences will directly impact how future services are commissioned and developed.

Care for carers in Doncaster and take the survey

You can also watch this short video here:

One thought on “Talking Points: Caring for Carers

  1. Running a project (Support 4 Change) which aims to support carers that are affected by someone’s substance misuse, helping the carer to live the best lives possible no matter what their loved one chooses. I often find that alongside the trauma, psychological pressure and environmental decline of the carer. There is also an underutilised influence within their social setting; this influence is the carer themselves. Support 4 change looks to encourage and harness this force of nature to change the environment so the substance misuser is stimulated into positive change. This technique is in line with evidence that an individual’s social setting influences their behaviour. If anyone is interested in this intervention they can contact me at Doncaster Drug and Alcohol Services.
    Nigel Scruton

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