St Leger Homes Speaks Out on Domestic Abuse

St Leger Homes raises awareness of domestic abuse.

The housing provider is calling on people suffering violence to get the help they need. Figures provided by South Yorkshire Police show that between April 2016 and December 2016 in Doncaster:
–  2160 domestic abuse crimes were committed
– The total number of domestic abuse incidents recorded were 6623
–  The number of repeat victims numbered 2310
–  414 cases were reviewed by MARAC (the multi-agency risk assessment conference, which looks at the most serious cases of domestic abuse) – 172 of these cases were repeat cases.

Paul Tanney, Chief Executive of St Leger Homes, said:

“Domestic abuse can take many forms and can affect people from any background. We want people across Doncaster to know how to get help, if they need it – and that is why we are talking about domestic violence this week, attempting to raise awareness and tackle any stigma that exists. Domestic abuse in any form is simply unacceptable – and as a local housing provider we want to let people know what support is in place to our tenants who might be worried about coming forward. The first step is often the hardest, but we will always do everything we can to support in this difficult situation – particularly in helping people to maintain their tenancies, where that is appropriate.”

A copy of the Press Release is available here

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