Rovers show support for breast cancer awareness month

160926-doncaster-rovers-support-breast-cancer-awareness-monthDoncaster Rovers’ players are supporting October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month by encouraging local women to ‘join the fight and take up your invite’.

The players are asking their male supporters to look after the women in their lives by making sure their mums, wives, partners, sisters, aunties, daughters and friends take up their invite to attend their three yearly screening appointments.

Striker Andy Williams said: “It’s always the women in our lives looking after us and making sure we stay healthy and attend regular check-ups but it is our turn to look after them.

“Look after the ladies in your life and make sure they take up their breast screening invitations. Breast screening saves lives.”

Rovers will be warming up on the 8 October home match against Barnet in campaign t-shirts – pictured above – displaying key messages ‘Breast screening saves lives’ and ‘Join the fight take up your invite’ as a reminder for women to attend their breast screening appointment.

Nick Gillott, Community Officer (Health and Wellbeing) for Club Doncaster, – Rovers’ community arm – said: “We are pleased to support the fight against breast cancer, and encourage women to look for changes in their breasts regularly and, for the over 50s, to make sure they have a mammogram every three years.

“Early detection could save a life so we hope all fans take this on board and encourage the women in their life to check regularly.”

Approximately one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. Early detection through screening offers a better chance of successful treatment and full recovery.

Christine Bosworth, Superintendent Radiographer at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals said: “Millions of men, women and children are enthusiastically involved with football. Having professional football players and club members promoting the National Breast Screening Programme will make men more likely to talk to the women in their lives about attending  breast screening invites. This is a great campaign by the Rovers to make men and women more aware of breast cancer and the opportunity available for breast screening.”

Breast cancer screening is currently available every three years to women aged 50 to 70 years with some women being called up from the age of 47.

Early detection offers a better chance of successful treatment and full recovery. Join the fight and take up your invite.

Missed your appointment or need more information? Call Doncaster breast screening clinic on 01302 644966.

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