Recognising and remembering Doncaster’s key workers – Dr David Crichton

At 11am on Tuesday 28 April, the nation fell for a minute silence to pay their respects to all those key workers who have sadly lost their lives due to Coronavirus. Over the last two months, more than 100 NHS and Social Care workers have died with Coronavirus (COVID-19) while workers in other key sectors such as transport are also among those who have died.

As a local Doctor & Clinical Chair of NHS Doncaster CCG, I would like to take this opportunity for us to remember all staff and people of Doncaster that have sadly succumbed to the virus.

Dr David Crichton – Clinical Chair, NHS Doncaster CCG

Throughout this pandemic, thousands of key workers in Doncaster continue to work tirelessly to keep our borough going, providing vital services and care to help us whilst we are in lockdown. These workers include: health and care workers, care home staff, transport workers, teachers, supermarket workers, refuse collectors, postal workers; the list goes on. Although they must feel the same worries and stresses that we all do, they continue to work with the same dedication, compassion and determination. I would like to express my thanks to them all for the continued work they are doing.

The event on Tuesday coincided with International Workers’ Memorial Day which pays tribute to the workers who have become unwell, injured or who have passed away due to their work. Every year, the sacrifice of workers is recognised but this year has an important connection with health and care staff as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Every week, I see millions of people across the country applaud those on the frontline in the fight against Coronavirus. Our recognition and thanks are expressed not only for those who are directly caring for the sick but for all key workers providing essential services across all sectors and job roles. We are grateful to you all.

As the country continues with the fight against this virus, we recognise that routine figures reported in relation to the number of deaths, have typically only reflected the number of patients that have tested positive with Coronavirus and have died in hospitals. Whilst the number of daily deaths in hospital is starting to slow, we know that this is not currently the case in care homes and across local communities.

We need to constantly remind ourselves that behind all of the statistics there are individuals; relatives, parents, siblings, children, neighbours, friends and colleagues. For all those people who have had to sacrifice their lives we must continue to adhere to the social distancing rules to save as many more lives as we can.

On his return to work, the Prime Minister asked us all not to be impatient as this was ‘the moment of maximum risk’. We must maintain our resolve to avoid a second wave of cases and to ensure that those who have died from Coronavirus, either in hospital, a care home, in the community or whilst at work, have not died in vain.

We must not forget, and the best tribute we can pay them is to continue to follow the government guidance to stay at home.

My thanks go out to everyone in Doncaster.

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