Winter is coming…remember to use your local pharmacy

As we creep into October and the next few months, we are likely to see the usual spike in demand for local services as winter is on the horizon. Our local GP practices are gearing up to deliver flu vaccines, as well as COVID-19 vaccine boosters and potentially there’ll be additional questions from parents about vaccinating 12 to15-year-olds. This programme is being delivered by Doncaster’s schools service and Public Health England, supported with communication from the CCG and other local system partners. Please keep an eye out for those communications and answers to your common questions around all of this in the media and on this website.

Last weekend we celebrated World Pharmacy Day and while pressure will build on GP surgeries and our hospitals again as we move into winter, it’s important to remember that our pharmacies in Doncaster can offer lots of services that you don’t have to see a doctor for. Our pharmacies are there to support you and your family with minor ailments and self-care advice. More information on this can be found here: Get it sorted and visit your local pharmacy: Dr David Crichton – Doncaster CCG

While we think about winter ailments and how to treat them, we mustn’t forget other important areas of health like your heart. World Heart Day is an opportunity this month to think about cardiovascular disease (CVD) and how to prevent it.

It’s the world’s number one killer, causing 18.6 million deaths per year.

Did you know that your heart is the size of your fist and the strongest muscle in your body? It started beating about three weeks after you were conceived. If you live to be 70, it will have beaten two and a half billion times. However, although impressive and strong, your heart can also become vulnerable from habitual risk factors include smoking, eating an unhealthy diet, being inactive or living under stress.

The system can also be weakened from a pre-existing heart condition and other physiological factors, including hypertension or high blood cholesterol. When your heart’s functions become compromised, this is known as cardiovascular disease, a broad term that covers any disorder to the system that has the heart at its centre.

There’s lots of information and advice to help you keep your heart healthy what ever age you are, so have a look at

Support groups – British Heart Foundation (

For further information around local support please see Cardiac group – IAPT (

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