Over 1300 people tell Healthwatch across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw what they think would make the NHS better

Local people in Doncaster are being recognised by an independent health and social care champion for sharing their feedback about the local implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan.

After the launch of the online survey, and supported by an engagement programme across the Borough, Healthwatch Doncaster spoke to over 250 people throughout the Borough about how they would like to see the changes set out in the NHS Long Term Plan implemented. The plan sets out a number of ways in which NHS care needs to improve, so local communities took the opportunity to have their say about what those changes should look like.

Visiting community libraries and groups, sea cadets, local prisons, Peer support community groups and listening to our network of volunteers, Healthwatch Doncaster will now share this feedback with local services to inform how the Long Term Plan is applied in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.

Doncaster residents share their views

“We’d like to thank all of the organisations and groups, including local stakeholders, but most importantly, the people of Doncaster for sharing their views on how they see the NHS developing through the NHS Long Term Plan,” said Healthwatch Doncaster Chief Operating Officer Andrew Goodall.

The survey asked people to share their views about how the NHS can better support their overall health, and how it can improve care for specific conditions too.

People spoke about how the NHS can give them more control of their care, help them to stay healthy and provide better support. They also shared their views about how the NHS can better support people around their mental and emotional wellbeing.

When asked about mental health services in Doncaster, some of the comments received were: “Shorter waiting lists would provide effective support. It is no good assessing people, telling them what they would need and then making them wait 18 months. We need more local resources and more health care professionals who are available when people or children need the help straight away.”

Healthwatch Doncaster Board member Sucha Singh said: “The comments received from the people of Doncaster have been powerful and influential to read, and shows the strength of feeling about the NHS ranging from different ends of the spectrum.

“I’m excited to be working on the report touching on the in-depth analysis for the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw region, and look forward to sharing this soon.”

This regional work aligns with a series of engagement activities that took place in January and February this year to seek people’s views of our local joint health and social care commissioning strategy for Doncaster which is aligned with key priorities in the NHS Long Term Plan. Almost 800 people provided their views and feedback which shaped the final strategy published in April.

This engagement will continue over the next 12 months. Currently, we are seeking feedback from local people on our draft ‘All Age Learning Disability and Autism strategy’, coproduced with individuals that have a learning disability and/or autism, their families and carers and organisations such as Doncaster Council, Choice for All Doncaster and Speak Up.

Share your stories and experiences of local NHS services in Doncaster with Healthwatch Doncaster by visiting our online Feedback Centre: www.healthwatchdoncaster.org.uk/feedback

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