Outcome report following Mental Health System Perfect week

Earlier this year, Doncaster CCG took part in a Doncaster wide week of action to shine a light on mental health services and how organisations work together to provide the right support, information and advice for patients and members of the public.

An evaluation report of this engagement activity is now available and provides a summary of what people told us and how that information will be used to improve mental health services moving forward.

A summary of the recommendations are as follows:

  • More information regarding community services to be available in the emergency department (ED)
  • Improve staff awareness of local services to support patients with low level mental health need
  • Optimise the Wellbeing Office role and look to embed community support where found to be most effective
  • Endorse the need for Safe Space
  • Understand patients presenting to Urgent Treatment Centre and Same Day Health Centre to ensure pathways able to be accessed by FCMS
  • Understand reasons for individuals presenting in ED whilst on an ‘open caseload’
  • Children and Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS) – investigate pathways out of area including access time assessment out of hours
  • CAHMS – investigate out of area transfer to ensure appropriate follow up care arranged, regardless of provider
  • Liaise with Yorkshire Ambulance Service regarding use of Rapid Response pathway
  • Direct intervention from drug and alcohol team is valuable – opportunity to work more closely with Mental Health liaison teams.

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