New rules limit meetings to 6 people

New rules which apply from 14 September 2020, limit the numbers of people who can meet inside or outside, to 6 people.

The new laws prohibiting social gatherings of more than six people came into effect on Monday 14 September as the government called on the public to remain vigilant in the fight against coronavirus.

The new “rule of six” simplifies and strengthens the rules on social gatherings, making them easier to understand and easier for the police to enforce.

It means that – apart from a set of limited exemptions including work and education – any social gatherings of more than six people will be against the law.

Police will be able to disperse any such gatherings and fine individuals involved £100, doubling up to a maximum of £3,200.

For more information go to the Government website

Read all about these changes on our Coronavirus information pages here.


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