New hospital taxi service available for cancer patients

2011-12-07-at-11-27-41-2NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has commissioned a Patient Transport Service to take eligible Doncaster patients to and from scheduled hospital appointments.

The new service will be available for patients diagnosed with illnesses such as cancer, and offers a more convenient way of travelling than public transport. Taxiing is available for patients having to trek between Doncaster and Sheffield’s Weston Park Hospital.

The new service offers two modes of transport: the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) and a private hire vehicle. Booking a private hire car allows patients a shorter travel time, as well as being able to take a companion to the entrance of the hospital.

YAS take multiple patients at once so can often-mean departure two hours before their appointment, to allow time for collecting others. With this facility, patients are not able to take friends or family to accompany them, however, with this service patients are accompanied to their specific department and supported throughout their journey.

People who already use transport services are eligible to use the service, but will have to contact their Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) beforehand to discuss. The patients’ CNS should determine eligibility and all contact details for the booking and screening office will be provided.

Dr Nick Tupper has said: “This is a valuable new service, which will mean patients don’t have to worry about the stress of getting to and from appointments. It will also allow patients to be as comfortable as possible when travelling in comparison to using trains or buses.”

Patients eligible for the new service will be automatically referred to the Doncaster Booking Office.

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