Local dementia charity organise special day birthday treat

12144834_842145069238352_1774690137502751444_nA big pat on the back from the CCG to local charity organiser Eileen Harrington for organising a smashing day out for a special couple who were both celebrating their 80th birthday.

Eileen, founder of DonMentia, contacted the Co-op who generously agreed to provide a limousine and chauffeur, Jamie Love, to take Heather and Dennis Garriock on a return trip from their home at Armthorpe to Arksey’s Village Teapot for afternoon tea.

They enjoyed the celebration with friends and carers, including Eileen, who is pictured with the happy couple, who also celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary earlier this year.

Heather has dementia and attends the Dementia Forum at Tickhill Road Hospital, which Eileen runs.

DonMentia fund raises to provide support for Doncaster people with dementia and their carers, including special events like this.

Our Chair, Dr Nick Tupper, will be featuring Eileen’s valuable charitable work in his column in next Monday’s Doncaster Star and at www.drnicktupper.com

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