Learning Disability Week 2020 – You got a friend in me…

Learning Disability Week 2020 is centred around the importance of friendships during lockdown.

Coronavirus has brought big changes for lots of things, including NHS services and face to face contact for people not from the same household.

Despite this, NHS services in Doncaster continue to be available for people, whenever they need them. The way they operate and how they are accessed will have changed, but staff continue to provide support and services wherever they can.

Our Continuing Health Care team is one of these services and our staff continue to support individuals and families across the borough.

Tracey Helliwell is our Continuing Health Care Team Leader for Learning Disabilities. She continues to support individuals with a learning disability and/or autism, ensuring they have the support they need.

Continuing the theme of Learning Disability Week 2020, watch this short video below of Tracey playing ‘You got a friend in me’.

Take it away Tracey…

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