International Men’s Day 2020

This year marks 28 years since the first International Men’s Day celebration was held and this global event encourages every man, woman and child to recognise the positive impact of men on society, to focus on men’s health and wellbeing issues, and to improve gender relations.

International Men’s Day tales place on Thursday 19 November each year and the theme for 2020 is the idea of “Better Health for Men and Boys”. The International Men’s Day website says the theme promotes “the need to value men and boys and help people make practical improvements in men and boy’s health and well-being”, adding: “The concept and themes of International Men’s Day are designed to give hope to the depressed, faith to the lonely, comfort to the broken-hearted, transcend barriers, eliminate stereotypes and create a more caring humanity.”

In recent years International Men’s Day has focused on the issues which affect men more than women, highlighting the areas where males are negatively impacted by the societal norms. Previous themes include “Celebrating Men And Boys In All Their Diversity”, “Stop Male Suicide”, “Keeping Men and Boys Safe”.

Men have a suicide rate which is three times higher than women, while one in three men have reportedly been the victims of domestic violence.

We asked People Focused Group (PFG) Peer Support Worker, Glyn Butcher, to share with us some tips to help men who may be struggling with their wellbeing:

  • Stay connected and keep talking about your mental health and emotions – it will help you bring perspective to how you feel and let others know you may need some support.
  • Don’t try to be a superhero. As men it’s important to know that we don’t have to fix everything and it’s not our job to save anyone. Don’t let ideas like that burden you as they’re not real.
  • Have a routine and make an effort to get up, washed and dressed each day, especially during lockdown as it will help you feel ready for the day.
  • Limit your news intake and time on social media. There can be a lot of negativity which transfers to your space and can affect your mood if you are constantly engaging with negative news.
  • Focus on something you can look forward to. Often when we are feeling down, it’s because we have no sense of hope or anything to positively motivate us.
  • Take time to pause and reflect on how you feel. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed and sometimes taking a moment to let things sink in can do you the world of good and stop panic building up.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. It’s not selfish to prioritise your mental wellbeing and invest more time in the people who make you feel good.
  • Take control of your health and be organised for the cold weather this winter by making sure you have medicines you may need at home and if you’re eligible for a flu jab, get one.

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