Hospital Services Review Meeting – Tuesday 19 December 2017

Join us in Mexborough for the Hospital Services Review.



Members of the public, staff and service users are invited to attend a special meeting being held on Tuesday 19 December to look at the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Hospital Services Review.

The invite is to drop-in at any time from 10am -1pm to give your feedback, ask questions and complete a survey. We will be very pleased to meet you and refreshments will be available.

We will also have  a short presentation from Des Breen, Medical Director and Alexandra Norrish,  Programme Director at the Accountable Care System (ACS) at 1.30pm, followed by a public question and answer session.  Please do come along if you want to find out more about the hospital services review, everyone is very welcome. 

Healthcare professionals across South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and Chesterfield are coming together with patients and the public to help shape how hospital services could be delivered in the future to ensure local people continue to get safe, sustainable, high quality care.

The first step will be to look at how current hospital services are provided and what needs to happen to future proof them, taking into account local and national issues such as rising demand, workforce and resource challenges and consistently delivering quality standards.

The aim will be to ensure patients and local communities have access to appropriate, safe, high quality care and that improved ways of working are developed to ensure existing staff are retained as well as hospitals being able to attract the best possible staff in the future.

The review will not look at closing any of the current general hospitals in South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw or Chesterfield. It is however about making sure we can retain the excellent professionals we have working in our local hospitals and at the same time explore new ways of working to create opportunities which put us in the best position to attract staff moving forward.

The decision to work collectively across South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and Chesterfield has been taken to ensure that it is local healthcare professionals like you and your colleagues along with the public and patients that drive changes moving forward and that we have services tailored to local needs.

The detailed work will explore how five services could be delivered to ensure local people have access to safe, high quality care provided by the most appropriate healthcare professional and in the best place.

The services are:

  • urgent and emergency care
  • maternity services
  • hospital services for children who are particularly ill
  • services for stomach and intestines conditions (gastroenterology), including investigations (endoscopy); and
  • stroke (early supported discharge and rehabilitation).

The decision to review these five services follows conversations with the public, senior clinicians and detailed examination of information about these services including patient and staff experience of the services and other underpinning data.

The review will be independently led by a former Vascular Consultant and Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Senate Chair, Professor Chris Welsh, who spent many years delivering care in our region.

Your views will be essential in designing services for the future. You can get involved in a number of ways:

  • Online survey available here
  • Visit our engagement drop-in session on Tuesday 19 December at Mexborough Library from 10am -1pm (with a presentation and public Q&A session at 1.30pm)

The work is just one part of a wider programme of work across Health and Care Working Together in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, which is now an Accountable Care System (ACS) and one of the first in the country. You can find out more about Health and Care Working Together in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw here

If you have any questions on the review please check out our Question and Answer sheet 

You can also email any further queries to: or telephone 0114 305 4487.

We want to know what you think and will be pleased to meet you and give you a survey to complete. You are welcome to drop in to Mexborough Library at any time from 10am -1pm.

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing your feedback. Further details are available here

You can take the survey here



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