Hospital Services Meeting at Meadowhall, Thursday 17 August, 10am-12 noon

Hospital Services Meeting – Doncaster residents invited to attend

The South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Accountable Care System is holding an event to find out what local people think about hospital services.  We have 10 places for people from Doncaster to attend and travel expenses will be reimbursed.

The NHS is one of Britain’s proudest achievements. Our staff deliver a superb service in treating record numbers of patients. Since its creation in 1948, it has constantly adapted and it must continue to do so as the world and our health needs change.

As life expectancy increases so too do the ailments of old age, and there are now more people with chronic conditions like heart failure and arthritis. There are also big opportunities to improve care by making practical changes to how the NHS works. Improvements like making it easier to see a GP, speeding up access to appointments which will allow us to receive our diagnosis at the earliest possible time, and offering help faster to people with mental ill health problems.

Local hospital services play a vital role in meeting this need and we need to look at how we can future-proof them, therefore a piece of work independently reviewing services within hospitals to help identify which services would benefit from being provided in a different way has just commenced.

The work is at its very earliest stages, and we really want to have some public input into this stage of the work and are therefore holding a meeting on Thursday 17th August, 10am-12 noon at The Source, Meadowhall.

Places are limited, so please let us know if you would like to attend. Your travel expenses will be paid and light refreshments will be provided.

At the event we will:

• Seek your input and agreement on the definitions we are using to identify the most-challenged services

• Seek your input and agreement on the principles that will underpin the review

• Seek your input into how much importance we should place on each of the criteria that we are using to identify which services we review – the review will focus on a number of key services – and we would like to ask for your input in this by determining for example if, in your opinion, it’s most important for us focus on services that have staffing issues, or services with long waiting times, or a number of other criteria

• Seek your insight into public perceptions of unsustainable services – what services do you think people will expect to see on the list and why?

If you would like to attend please email: or call 0114 305 1118.

If you are unable to attend the August event but would like to be involved in the future then please do contact us and we will add you to our contacts of people who wish to be involved in the review.

Thank you.

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