PPG Network

IMG_5275Every three months, PPG members from across town are invited to take part in the ‘PPG Network’.

This forum encourages delegates from each practice to share ideas, discuss latest updates to NHS services and hear about the work that is being done to improve healthcare in the area.

Want to attend? Contact admin@healthwatchdoncaster.org.uk

Objectives of the PPG Network:

The aims and objectives of the PPG Network are to:

  • Enable access to a wide range of information about different service provision and access to NHSD CCG representatives with commissioning responsibility for aspects of health service provision.
  • share PPG good practice to gain insight into what works well and not so well for PPGs
  • increase awareness and understanding of the clinical health priority areas for Doncaster and to provide a forum/ vehicle to communicate our strategic vision and plans
  • Increase awareness & understanding of national and local health initiatives, projects and programmes.
  • Provide a consultation arena to gain feedback and obtain support to develop NHS Doncaster CCGs commissioning plans, initiatives and projects.

Invitations to attend Network meetings are extended to two PPG member representatives of each General Practice PPG.

Representatives must be aged 16 years and over.

There are many benefits to becoming an active member within your patient participation group, not only helping your practice but also the local NHS.

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