Patient Participation Groups

PPGPictureDid you know that you can share your ideas and experiences with your GP practice to help make it better for everyone?

Your local Patient Participation Group (PPG) is based in your GP practice and meets on a regular basis to discuss issues and concerns that affect people using the surgery.

A PPG is usually made up of volunteers, patients, the practice manager and one, or more, GPs from the practice.

A few example of changes put forward, and actioned, by PPGs:

  • Practice opening earlier to help appointments run on time
  • Adaptations to seating to help those with disabilities
  • Advice on privacy and dignity issues
  • Changes to general housekeeping to ensure the surgery is kept spic and span.

Anne Locke Hart has been a PPG member at the Scott Practice in Balby for over 18 months, she said: “I was invited to join my surgery’s PPG almost two years ago. We meet once a month for around an hour and a half and share ideas with the practice manager, a GP and other staff. I feel there’s a real togetherness when we meet – it’s ‘us’, not ‘them’.

Find out more about Anne’s experiences as a PPG member here.

Doncaster has 43 member practices located across Doncaster, the majority of which have established PPGs or are actively engage with members of their practice through delivering on PPG initiatives. If you want to find out more about your PPG, ask at your GP Practice.