Full NHS Doncaster CCG 2019-20 Annual Report published

The NHS Doncaster CCG 2019-20 Annual Report is now available.

The last 12 months have been really challenging and due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we know the next 12 will be even tougher. Health and care organisations across the country continue to respond to this new challenge and it is no different here in Doncaster. Despite these unprecedented circumstances, we are proud to say that as a health and care community we have risen to the challenge in true partnership.

NHS Doncaster CCG colleagues

Although it already seems hard to remember, there were days before Coronavirus and we must also reflect on the many great things we achieved during that time.

We continued to lead a wide range of projects and programmes to improve the lives of our patients and members of the public. We continue to be inspired and proud of the hard work colleagues across NHS Doncaster CCG do. There is a genuine will and determination to do things better and to transform services to ensure patients in Doncaster get the best care possible.

We were delighted to achieve ‘Outstanding’ status on 9 July 2019 from NHS England (NHS E) and NHS Improvement (NHS I) for the third year running. This isn’t something that CCGs achieve easily and we are proud of all staff and organisations that contributed to achieving this accreditation.

We were also extremely proud to achieve a ‘Green Star’ rating on 5 July 2019 from NHS England for our commitment to engaging with patients and members of the public. Our Annual Statement of Involvement demonstrates how we are continuing to work with our communities to improve health and care across Doncaster.

NHS Doncaster CCG is committed to working in partnership with all health and care organisations across Doncaster to make sure our services reflect the changing needs of the population. This relates to Coronavirus services but also, as importantly, day to day services that need to respond to all health and care needs of Doncaster patients. We have a responsibility to help empower our patients and members of the public to take an active interest in their own health and well-being and will use the opportunity to promote self-care and responsibility wherever we can and it is appropriate to do so.

Looking forward, we plan to build on the solid foundations and good work in engagement undertaken over the past year to create a positive culture of engagement which permeates throughout the organisation and forms part of the key skills and values of our staff and board members.

By involving patients, carers, families, staff, stakeholders and members of the public in our work, we aim to create a legacy of involvement, participation and engagement across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB) which will deliver lasting change and improvements for future generations.

As part of our ongoing primary care campaign to promote the ‘more choice more appointments’ service across Doncaster, GP’s and nurses took the health bus into local communities to raise awareness of the 160 hours of extra appointments available in our system. Walk in appointments to see a healthcare professional were available on the bus and demonstrated how we are working hard in Doncaster to diversify the way people can access local practice appointments.

Our investment into local mental health services took another step forward with a commitment to funding voluntary organisations to run alternative approach support services alongside NHS providers. These include a peer support service called ‘Safe Space’, a high intensity service user project and a new suicide prevention service.

For the first time ever in Doncaster, all our local NHS organisations joined together for a co- ordinated presence at Pride. Along with family and friends, staff from the CCG, Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) and Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTHFT) marched in the colourful parade through the town centre and hosted a health information stand in Sir Nigel Gresley Square showcasing a range of local health services.

Our relationship with patients, families and service users continues to go from strength to strength and we’d like to recognise the importance of this work, in what can sometimes be, very difficult and sensitive circumstances.

A shorter, interactive version will be available later this year and will be published at the next Annual General Meeting which will take place early September 2020.

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