Freestyle Libre – support for patients in Doncaster

Over the last few months, Doncaster CCG has been reviewing options to support the potential roll out of Freestyle Libre for patients with Type 1 diabetes on prescription.

The wearable sensor, the size of a £2 coin, does away with the need for inconvenient and sometimes painful finger prick blood tests by relaying glucose levels to a smart phone or e-reader.

On Thursday 29 November, the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Area Prescribing Committee recommended to its constituent members that Freestyle Libre should be traffic lighted for prescribing in the locality and be available to patients with Type 1 diabetes who meet the criteria.

This is in line with the vision set out by NHS England on 14 November to ensure that all eligible patients are able to receive it on prescription from their local GP or diabetes team to help people better manage their blood sugar levels.

The recommendation following the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Area Prescribing Committee will now be discussed by both Doncaster and Bassetlaw CCGs to ratify the decision.

These meetings are scheduled to take place in the next two weeks and decisions of the respective meetings will be communicated shortly after.

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