Free dementia drama plays at Doncaster College on 17 November, 2016

Az2B Theatre Company will be performing their two dementia themed plays  ‘Grandma Remember Me?’ and ‘What Do you See?’  at Doncaster College on Thursday 17th November 10.30am and 2pm respectively.

Loca people are invited to attend these FREE performances.

Here is a brief overview of each of the plays and below are details of how to book tickets.  Tickets are on a first come, first served basis.

Please circulate this email and the attached posters to your relevant networks. We look forward to seeing you on 17th November!

“Grandma Remember Me?” 

Written from the perspective of a young child, Lilly, whose Grandma develops Alzheimer’s. It explores their changing relationship from Lilly’s initial recognition that there is something wrong with her grandma, through the unfolding challenges and final acceptance and understanding of the disease.

 Grandma Remember Me? looks at the wider impact of dementia on family and the need for support and understanding within our communities.  It explores the importance of memories and relationships within our lives and how to keep and treasure them. It is a piece of high quality theatre, very powerful, realistic and deeply moving.

The play raises awareness and understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease, supports early intervention and diagnosis and shows it is possible to “live well” with dementia.

For further details including times and how to book tickets please click on the Eventbrite link below; or email

“What do you see?”

You would not want to be a resident at Marshall Joan’s Care Home. De motivated staff, no stimulation and a culture that lacks care. Fortunately they’ve just failed their CQC inspection leading to a change in ownership, are things about to change? Let’s hope so!

 What Do You See? Is the story of how Marshall Joan’s Care Home is transformed from a failing, unhappy, stress-filled environment to one of success with a culture that cares.

Acting as a companion piece to “Grandma Remember Me?” “ What do you see?” follows the later stages of dementia. It looks at the importance of life histories within person centred care, challenges taboos around death and shows the possibility of choice and the empowerment advance care planning brings.

It takes good leadership to impact change and as important as it is to create a positive environment and culture of care for residents, it is equally important to create a work environment that staff want to work in.

A “theatrical feast” which aims to impact positive change.  Described as “powerful” “realistic” and “incredibly funny.”

For further details including times and how to book tickets please click on the Eventbrite link below; or email

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