Dr Nick Tupper blog: You want NHS services near your home

You’ve no doubt heard of 3D and 3G, but when it comes to healthcare, my focus is on 3C.

The 3Cs are the key big changes we want to drive forward in Doncaster that will make a massive difference to local people like you when you need the NHS:

  • Care out of hospital
  • Care of the elderly
  • Co-ordinated care

These are NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) ‘big ambitions’, the areas we’re focussing on to try and make major health improvements for Doncaster patients. They impact on many aspects of NHS care in Doncaster and are right at the top of our ‘must be done’ pile.

The CCG’s role is to manage Doncaster’s NHS budget and use it to organise, pay for and monitor the health services you need. This involves having a helicopter view of the way local healthcare is delivered and constantly looking from all angles at ways of making it more efficient and effective.

nicktupperServices must be designed around the needs of local patients. Doncaster people tell us they want them to be available at, or as close to where they live, as possible. We need to make more services available out of hospital and deliver them in community settings where it is safe and effective to do so, or provide your care differently so you don’t need to go to hospital.

It’s crucial the NHS moves from primarily being a reactive organisation, looking after people when they are ill, to one that is actively involved in h
elping them stay well.

Hospitals need to be ready to treat people when they become very unwell. But much more can be done elsewhere, by GP surgeries and other community health workers, to avoid them having to go there in the first place. By actively monitoring patients who, for example, have long term health problems and acting quickly to stabilise them if their condition deteriorates, we can avoid many emergency admissions to hospital. This is much better for both the patient and the NHS.

More Doncaster people are living longer and as they age they often have multiple health problems. We’re looking at better ways of caring for elderly and frail patients where they live. Some are under the care of consultants but they don’t necessarily need an appointment at hospital, they could be seen at home or close to home. Recently we have funded a consultant geriatrician post in Doncaster who will work actively in the community, helping GPs to actively manage the care of older patients.

The NHS is a very complex organisation, with care being provided by many different Trusts and, increasingly, with local authorities and other organisations. Co-ordinated care is providing an opportunity to focus on how we can all work together more effectively, so information about you that is important to your care can be shared better with the people who need to see it, whilst still being confidentially managed.

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