Dr David Crichton’s blog: Town in top three for weight problems

This is a transcript of my My View column that was published in the Doncaster Star on Monday 13 November, 2017

Recent figures reveal that Doncaster is one of the top three areas in the country with a weight problem, with around three-quarters of our local adult population classed as either overweight or obese.

Putting on the pounds is not believed to be healthy for anyone. The figures were collected between January 2013 and January 2016 and predictions suggest this continues to be an issue.

I’m on record as saying ‘if exercise was a medicine, it would be a wonder drug’. It can help with weight control, too.

I know many people want to do more exercise but don’t always know how to take the first steps towards being more active. It doesn’t have to involve joining a gym, although that suits many, but moving more is good for you however you want to do it.

You can decide to exercise on your own, or you may prefer to look for opportunities to join a like-minded group where you can work out with others and keep each other motivated.

I’m pleased to highlight a ‘pilot’ scheme NHS Doncaster CCG has helped fund in response to popular demand. It’s the ladies version of the over-subscribed men’s Fit Rovers sessions which our partner Club Doncaster Foundation is running at the Keepmoat Stadium with great results.

When Fit Rovers launched a few months ago it prompted questions from Doncaster women who wanted to know, quite rightly, why there wasn’t a similar course for them.

Nick Gillott and Scott Copeland from the Foundation got their heads together and decided to try the first course in a community setting, at Hexthorpe’s King’s Cross Methodist Church.

Scott Copeland with the group at Hexthorpe

The eight weeks long course has got off to a flying start and some of the first cohort of ladies are pictured here with Scott.

On Friday mornings they have been combining a workout with healthy cooking sessions in the church’s well-equipped kitchen, while their children have been looked after in an on-site crèche

It’s a similar course content to the men’s, with hands-on experience of how to make healthy meals on a budget, using ingredients that most people have in their kitchen cupboards.

The exercise sessions, though, have taken a very different approach in the form of activities such as drum-fit, with the ladies keeping in tune with the music using drumsticks as a fitness instructor puts them through their paces.

The course has a rich international and multi-cultural representation, with ladies originally from Kenya, Iran and Lithuania enjoying getting together with Doncaster mums to help shed the pounds and improve their fitness.

Group member Sally Reynolds summed it up, saying: “There’s a feeling of well-being when we’re here and encouraging each other on.  I don’t feel like I’m on my own and we all feel good when we leave.”

·      For information about Fit Rovers for men and women ring Scott Copeland on 01302 764663.



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