Doncaster urged to follow three key safety measures this weekend

Doncaster residents are being urged to plan ahead, follow the rules and be considerate as the borough gears up for pubs, bars and restaurants re-opening this weekend. 

Saturday 4 July is set to be the day many people venture out to revisit local venues following a three months lockdown. But officials are keen to see re-openings take place in a safe and organised way and are stressing that socialising will be very different while Coronavirus is still around. 

Speaking for Doncaster’s Alcohol Alliance, a partnership of organisations that promotes safe drinking, Dr Rupert Suckling, Doncaster’s Director of Public Health, said: “We want people to enjoy themselves as it has been a tough time for many over the past few months. But the virus is still with us, so we have to live with it and make sure we all take measures to stay safe, including wearing a face-covering in public indoor places, keeping to two metre social distancing and washing our hands regularly. 

“Coronavirus is invisible and dangerous, we must not be complacent. It’s important that everyone follows these three guidelines on nights out.

“Firstly, plan your evening. There are a reduced number of seats on buses and taxis will be in demand. So if you are travelling into Doncaster town centre, make sure you can get home easily and safely.

“Secondly, not all venues are re-opening so there may be limited opportunities to socialise and you may have to wait if you haven’t pre-booked. When you get to your destination, please observe the rules set out by the owners, they are there for everyone’s safety.

“And thirdly, please consider others and how your actions impact on them. We are all in this together, so we have to get on with each other, which means sensible socialising and being tolerant. It’s not a time for getting into arguments or behaving inappropriately.

“If everyone follows these guidelines, a good time can be had by all and everyone can stay safe. Let’s do it for Doncaster.”

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