Doncaster Talks campaign gets underway

Mayor Ros Jones today has announced the start of a resident engagement campaign, Doncaster Talks.

Doncaster Talks is the method for Doncaster council and its partners in Team Doncaster, which Doncaster CCG fully supports, to speak to local people about the issues that matter to them now and looking to the future.

It will involve a series of roadshow events across the borough, as well as an online questionnaire where people can give their opinions.

Local people will be asked simple questions about their feelings on where they live, what they’d like to see happen in Doncaster, and their hopes for the future.

The feedback will be used to refresh the Doncaster Growing Together borough strategy, which will develop the borough over the next ten years.

The campaign will make the most of existing networks and events, like local coffee mornings or community group meetings, to gather people’s opinions.

Volunteers from the Doncaster Talks team will visit these groups during their get-togethers, where they can chat about their thoughts and opinions in a place that suits them.

Volunteers attended the Caribbean Fun Day at Sandall Park on 27 July.

Mayor Ros Jones said: “It’s vital that we know how local people feel about where they live, and we want to make sure that residents are at the heart of everything we do to grow our borough.

“Doncaster Talks will be a great way to speak to local people, out in the communities where they live, and gather their feedback to help us with our plans”.

For all the information about local roadshows, and to take part in the questionnaire, visit or visit your local library.

If you work with or support a local voluntary or community group in Doncaster, you can also download a poster.


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