Doncaster patients set to benefit from shorter journeys to see a physiotherapist

Doncaster patients with muscle and joint pain problems are set to benefit from having to travel shorter distances to see an NHS physiotherapist.

Patients referred to the physiotherapy service by their GP have generally had to go to Doncaster Royal Infirmary for care and advice, but that’s set to change this year as the NHS plans to provide more clinics in community settings.

Dr David Crichton, Chair of NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which organises and pays for health services for Doncaster patients, said: “The community-based clinics will provide a range of hands-on treatment and face-to-face care, plus group sessions and lifestyle improvement advice where necessary.

“The physiotherapy service will also focus on guiding and equipping people with long-term mobility problems with the skills they need to self-manage their condition better, so they can take more control over their lives.

“Bringing health services out of hospital and providing them closer to where people live, where it’s safe and efficient to do so, is a key element of the Doncaster Place Plan, which has been developed by Doncaster Council and local health organisations.

The CCG will announce the venues where the clinics will be held in due course.

  • The CCG is currently seeking patients’ views on how the local physiotherapy service can be developed further – please complete this short survey to tell us what you think:

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