DIP9: Doncaster Admiral Service

The Doncaster Admiral Nurse and Dementia Advisor service can support you and your family/support network through your journey.

The Doncaster Admiral Service supports people living with dementia and their families. It supports you, your family or support network if you have a diagnosis of dementia and are registered with a Doncaster GP or if you’re a carer of someone with dementia. The service is a pilot, commissioned by the Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group, bring the three following providers together: RDaSH, Making Space and Age UK Doncaster.

What does the service provide?
The service is available to people living in Doncaster (registered with a Doncaster GP). The service will:
– Provide clinical and non-clinical advice
– Increase awareness of dementia
– Provide a first point of contact
– Provide specialist support services and improved wellbeing
Each of the 4 locality hubs across Doncaster will have a dedicated Admiral Nurse and Dementia Advisor.

What is an Admiral Nurse?
These specialist dementia nurses give much-needed practical and emotional support to family carers, as well as people with dementia. They can support you and your family, tailoring the service to your individual needs and challenges. They provide the knowledge you need to understand the condition and its effects, the skills and tools to improve communication and psychological support to help you carry on caring for your family member.

What is a Dementia Advisor?
These Advisors provide non-clinical advice, information and psychosocial support to people living with dementia, and their carers, family members and friends. Our Dementia Advisors can help you to access support groups in the community, meet other people with similar circumstances to your own, signpost other services that may be able to give you the support you need and much more.

How to access the service?
Patients can self-refer to the service or can be referred by their GP or other supporting agencies.

Make a referral
Contact us today to find out how we can support.
Telephone: 01302 796066
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Email: thedoncasteradmiralservice@makingspace.co.uk

The Doncaster Admiral Service leaflet is available here