DoctorLink Online Consultation

What is DoctorLink’s Online Consultation?

DoctorLink is the Online Consultation tool procured by 4 CCGs in the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw system (Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster and Sheffield) in 2019. This was conducted via the NHS England Central Procurement Hub and DoctorLink was selected from the national framework. By implementing this tool, Practices will meet the contractual requirement of having an online consultation facility. The project is centrally funded by NHS England until 2022/23.

The aim is to reduce pressure on GP appointments by asking patients to use an app to triage their symptoms prior to booking an appointment. The triage will direct patients to the appropriate care, which could be either self-care, Pharmacies, or in urgent cases 999, or a GP appointment if appropriate.

Online Consultation is an additional access route to care and does not replace any already existing.

This short video provides an overview of the DoctorLink product.

Please click here to read more and for contact information should you have any questions.


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