Diabetes Week: 10-16 June 2019

What’s Diabetes Week all about this year?


Diabetes Week takes place from 10-16 June this year and gives us an opportunity to think about how we support people living with diabetes and their loved ones.

Living with diabetes is tough enough, without having to worry about what other people think, feel or say. How can we talk about it openly, and start to tackle it when there’s so much misunderstanding?

We know diabetes is complicated and hard to understand, so this Diabetes Week we want to help people know more about diabetes. Not just as a condition, but about how it feels to live with it. So from the 10th-16th June, join us as we begin to change the conversation and get everyone to #SeeDiabetesDifferently.

Further information to support those living with diabetes is available at the following websites:

Diabetes UK


Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation




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