Coronavirus: Community Support in Doncaster – Dr David Crichton

We’ve just enjoyed some lovely weather over the Easter weekend and I would like to thank you for listening to the government advice to stay at home.

I know some of the changes to our lives are hard to manage and deal with; I’m finding it hard too. I love the outdoors and would usually spend my spare time cycling, running or traveling but in order to slow the spread of the disease, protect the NHS and save lives, we must all follow the government advice and restrict our public activities. We are facing this situation together and by supporting each other, we can come through this, perhaps even stronger than before.

The weekly #clapforourcarers on a Thursday evening at 8pm is an example of how community spirit has grown as we show our united support for key workers across all sectors and across the country.

One of our many strengths in Doncaster is how closely different organisations work together to provide public services. And now, more than ever, we are working extremely hard to ensure essential services are delivered during these uncertain times. Staff from across our local hospitals, community nursing and mental health teams, GP out of hours service are working tirelessly to be prepared for any eventuality.

Doncaster Council has recently launched the Community Hubs in response to the COVID-19 crisis, to ensure the most ‘at risk’ people across the borough will be supported during the coming weeks and there’s an opportunity for you to help too by volunteering for the Doncaster Community Hub. The Hub is a partnership between Doncaster Council, Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT), Age UK, NHS and other voluntary, community and faith organisations across the borough.

The service will concentrate on those people who have no one else to help and who are deemed to be the most vulnerable, for example over age 70, or have an underlying health condition, families struggling to cope and those people who have received a letter from NHS England/NHS Improvement stating they are in a priority group.

The Hub will provide:

  • A Helpline available 7 days a week from 8.00am to 8.00pm – anyone can ring this if they are vulnerable and have no alternative support or if they know of someone else who needs help
  • An email service to access and request support offering online signposting for people
  • Practical support such as urgent food supplies, shopping, collection of medication and checking up on vulnerable people
  • Signposting and connecting people to others in their local community and ideas for ways to keep well during this difficult time such as exercising at home, keeping connected; to friends and family or just finding someone to talk to
  • A place for those who want to volunteer and help to co-ordinate this with existing voluntary and community organisations. To access help and support from Doncaster Community Hub, call 01302 430300, email: or visit
  • If you want to volunteer to help and support your community, you can call the helpline number or email them. Volunteering can help to boost your own feelings of happiness and that’s very important during these uncertain times.

For the latest information on Coronavirus in Doncaster, you can visit the COVID-19 Doncaster Facebook and Twitter pages.

And please remember

Stay at home, Protect our NHS, Save lives

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