feedbackListening, responding and improving 

NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) organises, pays for and monitors local healthcare services for  Doncaster patients.

We are committed to providing members of the public, our patients and their carers with opportunities to give us feedback about any services we commission and how we commission them.

Feedback is essential to service improvement and our strategies have set out our proactive approach to asking for people’s views and using the information received to improve the quality of services that we commission.

Alongside feedback from members of the public, our patients and their carers, we also have a formal system for anyone who wishes to make a formal complaint. Our approach to complaints is structured around the following three principles:

Listening: Taking a more active approach to asking for people’s views and working in partnership.

Responding: Dealing with complaints more effectively by finding out what the complainant wants to happen.

Improving: Using the information received to learn and improve services by agreeing a clear plan of action.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or concern about a CCG staff member, about a service which is commissioned by NHS Doncaster CCG or about an action, omission or decision of the CCG that requires a response.  Complaints may be received in written form via letter, email or fax.

A complaint or concern which is made orally or by email and resolved to your satisfaction by the end of the working day following receipt of the complaint is outside of the scope of the formal complaints process.

Who can make a complaint?

A complaint can be made by any person who has received or is receiving NHS treatment or services or any person who has been affected by an action, omission or decision of the CCG.

A complaint can also be made by a representative (with appropriate consent) acting on another person’s behalf, if that person:

  • Has requested the representative to act on their behalf;
  • Is a child;
  • Is unable to make the complaint themselves because of physical incapacity or lack of capacity within the meaning of the Mental Capacity Act 2005;
  • Has died.

Formal complaints must be made within 12 months from the date on which a matter occurred or the matter came to the notice of the complainant, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

What kind of complaints can we investigate?

NHS Doncaster CCG is specifically responsible for coordinating responses to complaints which span multiple Providers where there is no single lead organisation, and is also responsible for investigating complaints about actions, omissions or decisions of the CCG or of our staff.

We are not responsible for investigating certain types of complaints. This leaflet explains where the most commonly-received complaint topics should be directed to.

If you have a complaint about care provided by your local Hospital Trust (including Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Bassetlaw Hospital, Montagu Hospital, Retford Hospital) across services such as A&E, Outpatient and Inpatient care), please contact:

Chief Executive
Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Armthorpe Road

If you have a complaint about care provided by your local Community Care and Mental Healthcare Trust, please contact:

Chief Executive
Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS
Foundation Trust
St Catherine’s House
Tickhill Road

If you have a complaint about care provided by your local general practice (GP), dentist, pharmacist or optician, please contact the Complaints Lead for the primary care provider responsible for delivering that care e.g. to the General Practice from which the care was received. Should you not be satisfied with the response you receive from your local primary care provider, the outstanding complaint areas may be forwarded to the central contact centre at NHS England

NHS England
PO Box 16738
B97 9PT

By email to:

Please state: For the attention of the complaints teamin the subject line.

By telephone: 0300 311 22 33

(Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, excluding English Bank Holidays)

The NHS is incredibly complex, and it is not always easy to see where best to send complaints, and so if you are unsure then do please ask us and we’ll help you to direct your complaint to the right place.

You are still welcome to – and we encourage you to – provide us with feedback on health services you have used. This feedback is used to influence how and where we commission and improve health services in the future. Such feedback is not processed as a formal complaint if we are not the formal investigating organisation.

If you are not sure who to complain to, then please contact us by phone, email or letter and we will be happy to advise.

If you require support because English is not your first language, please contact us and we will signpost you to the relevant interpretation service.

If you need support to make a complaint, independent advocacy is provided locally by Voiceability Doncaster. Further details are available on their website here

You can also leave feedback and share your experience of health and social services in Doncaster by using Healthwatch’s feedback site, please click on this link:

Where to direct a complaint

If you have a complaint relating to the way an NHS service has been commissioned, or you have been directly affected by a commissioning decision made by us, please contact us directly. All formal complaints to NHS Doncaster CCG should be directed to the Chief Officer at NHS Doncaster CCG’s Headquarters.

Chief Officer
NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group
Sovereign House
Ten Pound Walk

You can e-mail your complaint to: