Celebrating 70 years of the NHS at Edlington: new display at the Martinwells Centre.

DO you recognise these two lads who are energetically leaping over a hurdle at Edlington Victoria Primary School, we think mid last century?

Who are these two lads – do you recognise them?

Thanks to the school – now called Edlington Victoria Academy – we have re-created the photo in the same location, using two of the school’s 2018 pupils.

They make up two of the fascinating photos on a ‘Then and Now’ display we’ve installed at Edlington’s Martinwells Centre to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the launch of the NHS in the village. They contrast various local photos taken at the time with their modern day counterparts.

Please call in and have a look – the display is in the atrium, near the mining banners.

Then and now – celebrating 70 years of the NHS in Edlington

The colliery ambulance of the time  – photographed at Yorkshire Main – makes a striking image alongside one of the new 999 vehicles operated by Yorkshire Ambulance Service. It was photographed with a 2018 crew against the colliery’s former winding wheel.

The display also features posters promoting the historical re-enactment that will take place in Edlington on Sunday 8 July, 2018 at 9.30am when members of the public are invited to march behind the City of Sheffield Pipe Band from the Hilltop Centre to the Martinwells Centre, where they will be greeted by one of the current GPs, Dr Nayar.

The City of Sheffield Pipe Band

The aim is to mirror the famous parade that took place in Edlington on Monday 5 July, 1948, when the then Yorkshire Main Colliery band marched to the doctor’s surgery to play tunes and celebrate the first day of the NHS.

This house was Edlington doctor’s surgery on the day the NHS was formed in 1948.
The £7 million Martinwells Centre is the village’s new health centre, and much more.

Doncaster’s elected Mayor, Ros Jones, and Don Valley MP, Caroline Flint, will be joining the celebration and saying a few words.

There will also be a presentation by pupils from Sir Thomas Wharton Academy – more about that coming soon.

Also look out for a display of old pharmaceutical equipment by Weldricks, which has a pharmacy in Martinwells and is a sponsor of the re-enactment event.

Weldricks Superintendent Richard Wells is pictured with some of the antique pharmacy equipment the company has collected at its headquarters – note the special vase for keeping leeches in and compare them with modern day medicine packaging.
















So please make a note in your diary: Sunday 8 July 2018. The parade starts at 9.30am at Edlington Hilltop Centre, acompanying the City of Sheffield Pipe Band to the Martinwells Centre. Come and join in the celebratio – everyone welcome.

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